Wednesday, June 30, 2010

New posts coming as soon as I get my camera back from my friend.

Stay tuned, more posts coming soon. I have a pretty out of control life. I know lots of people and have so many hobbies and stuff.

The place of study.

I am doing Physio Therapy, third year. This day I arrived early.

Party Shinanigans

LOL, Those girls sure do know how to throw a party. A night to remember for sure. The punch was out of this world.

Bieber Sneiber

Knew him before he got big. Still talk a little, don't think it will ever be the same though.


That's me there. I was number 1, although I left the line to get a pie.

Me with the crew!

Me with the cast of Freaks and Geeks.

LOL. JK, I photoshopped myself in.

spare time.

I used to go to these all the time. Now... the industry has gone to shit so I don't go so much.

Doing time.

Facing the consequences. Not my finest moment.

Love not war.

Apparently not my war to fight. Well... I probably shouldn't have been there.

Family and Friends.

My sister (Clare) and here friend (Megan). I asked Megan out once, but she said it would be difficult being friends with my sister and having me as a boyfriend.

Hate flying.

Barley slept a wink.


I know what you are thinking.


Recently holiday to Singapore. The public transport is better than Perth's.


Hate funerals. Love wakes though.

A healthy body is...

I try to keep fit. The gym is a place where I can collect my thoughts.


I likes sports. Well watching them!


Work is sometimes a lonely place.


This is me in my Mazda RX8.


I bought a old house, they always have backyard toilets. Doesn't leave you with much privacy but you can't beat the solitude.

Intro for the people who don't already know me.

Hi Peoples, My name is James Howlett my mates call me Logan. I get around quiet a bit, bit of a social whore so to speak.
This is a photo of me at the Supernova Popculure Expo Perth. Great day, chairs were a bit uncomfortable though!